Minimalist apartment in dark colour

Hello, today I have for you another offer of an apartment for sale in marbella spain

Apartment price: one hundred and fifty thousand euros

Apartment area: one hundred and fifty square meters

Number of rooms in the apartment: four + kitchen, bathroom


This apartment is really special, but different from all the others. The first thing we will see in the apartment is a large spacious living room, which has walls painted into a „built tiled wall“. There is also a burgundy sofa and a small dark wooden coffee table in front of the sofa. There is a beige carpet under the table. Opposite the sofa is a smaller smart TV, in which series and shows are well watched. Next to the TV are two folding skylights, which provide plenty of daylight, so the house, although decorated in dark colors, has a supply of light. What we can see next is the kitchen, which is decorated in light red colors and at first glance is very nice and spacious. There is a small picture hanging on the walls opposite the kitchen on a gray wall – it looks like someone is drawing it, a woman is depicted on it.

2Then we can see the black stairs with railings that lead up to other rooms. Upstairs on the second „floor“ we can see the bathroom, which has red and white foundations, which looks really nice and the bathroom even has a large spacious bath, which lacks a lot of apartments. As another room here we can see a small study with a wooden bedside table and a chair. The whole study is painted gray-red. And lastly, we can see two rooms: a children\’s room and a bedroom. The children\’s room is the only one in the whole apartment set in blue, because it is a boy\’s room. Another room is a red-gray bedroom with a bed that is red and has red-gray dotted beautiful minimalist bedding. The whole house does not look strict, on the contrary, it looks luxurious and minimalist.

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