Christmas is all around us soon

Not only that after coronavirus we will all be more careful what we wish for. But due to restrictions, we will probably not be able to move freely to our families. In some countries, the boarders are locked, and, in some countries, there is still lockdown. Unfortunately, if our family members are in different country, we won´t be able to visit them. Also, the amount of people allowed to gather varies and might change three times until Christmas. The Christmas markets are going to be shut probably too. We still have our potato salad, carp and schnitzels. So, don´t worry! It still can be a fairy tale time! Last but not the least, we must think of presents, that won´t expire. What do we mean? Let´s think of presents, that are going to bring you not only joy, but lasting experience. In these times we learned, whatever materialistic we owe, does not make us happy people. In these times we want to live, we want to experience and the last thing we want is, to sit at home with our super expensive watch or tablet. Let´s be creative and think of something, what will make the person getting a present not forget about what might come.


Culinary course – You can learn, how to make your favourite oriental kitchen food. Not only the course experience is very joyful. But you are leaving with some knowledge you can use in practical life.

Cultural event tickets – here we have to be careful, but! You can still get tickets with flexible date for random performance. You can only pick a place or organisation and the person, getting a present, will set their arrangements.


Massage therapy voucher – let´s be honest, do you know anyone, who does not like massage? There are lots of different kinds of massage therapies and literally everyone can pick their favourite. Our tip is a body massage Prague. A person, getting this present, will never forget it. We bet you.

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